Do you want to…

LIVE an empowered life?

Be yourself, follow your dreams and improve your own confidence in yourself.

SHAPE the life you’ve dreamed of?

Make conscious choices to shape your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial life.

TEAM-UP with like-minded people?

Network as often as you wish with people just like you. Learn and you can teach others.

ACHIEVE true financial freedom?

If you’re looking for an extra £500 per month, or £50k per month, it’s possible (really!).

All this is possible with the Business Opportunity.

Become a doTERRA wellness advocate, improve your health with oils and re-sell them to generate a residual income that can change your life.

Become a Wellness Advocate

Big dreams are possible

1000s of people like you have already partnered with the Sens8 oils team. Find out how our team just might be the right fit to serve you on this journey.

Join the Sens8 Oils team and you can expect the following:

What does it involve?

For us, it’s all about sharing these wonderful oils with family and friends. We also suggest oils to support anyone with health issues and all of this can easily be done around your family / existing commitments.

Use the oils, fall in love with them, then share and show others the benefits with samples. They will soon love them too, buy a kit and share with others that they know, then they will do the same and so on. Before long, you’ll amass a network of oil users and sharers just like you, and this is when you receive commissions and bonuses from doTERRA, every single month.

Ready to get started?

You can either buy a kit and join us right away, or if you’d like to speak to us about which kit would suit your needs best, connect with us for a free business class and we can discuss how everything all works in more detail, what you are looking to get out of the business and create a tailored plan just for you to achieve it.

Simply choose the date and time you wish to book in, along with your information and we’ll look forward to meeting you.

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